We typically photograph 7-10 outfits each week, depending on the needs of the shops we work with.  As much as I would love to blog about each of them and each of the incredible shops we encounter, I just don’t have the hours in my day (we’ll talk more about that in the next blog post).  Since I’m unable to post each of the outfits Falynn wears, I’ve decided that each week I’m going to be featuring our favorite outfit.

This week, I want to introduce you to Rockin Llama Company and the incredible swimsuit that was handmade especially for Falynn.  I paired it with the newest Riot Shades from our shop, iBetterAccessorize.


Shades: iBetterAccessorize, Swimsuit: Rockin Llama Company

When the owner of Rockin Llama Company, Kristina, messaged me on Instagram and showed me these fabrics, I imagined amazingness! Though, I must be honest, the final swimsuit blew my mind!  So much about this suit screams Falynn.  We all know she has a slight obsession with PPAP (the pen pineapple, apple pen song) so anything with pineapples on them causes her to break out in song.  She LOVES shades and has a bigger collection than anyone I’ve ever met.  And well, if you hang out with her for an hour, you’ll see that she’s a RIOT!  So how Kristina could have found fabric that was anymore perfect for Falynn is beyond me!


Shades: iBetterAccessorize, Swimsuit: Rockin Llama Company

We found a spot near our house recently that looks like a deserted island.  While we aren’t super far from the beach, it’s a bit of a drive and with three kids, it’s never an easy task to go anywhere.  Although we can’t swim in this particular spot (there are alligators), it is the perfect spot for pictures because it’s absolutely beautiful and has a fun trail to walk!  Falynn had a blast walking through what she called “the sweet, sweet jungle”.  It’s actually a nature trail, but it was too cute to correct her.


Swimsuit: Rockin Llama Company

On the trail, we passed two ladies who were commenting on her suit and her beautiful long hair.  She definitely commands attention wherever we go.  While Falynn has lots of swimsuits, this was her first handmade suit.  Rockin Llama Company offers this as a mix and match option, which means that you can choose which print goes where!  And there are so many options with these three fabrics!  I love the concept so much and I love that it’s pretty unlikely that anyone will have this exact suit, no matter where we go!


Swimsuit: Rockin Llama Company

The highlight of our photoshoot was spotting a baby alligator!  Falynn named him Chomp and had an entire conversation with him (from the deck above), about the animals she encountered on our walk.  There’s actually a live video on our Facebook page if you want to check that out.


Shades: iBetterAccessorize, Swimsuit: Rockin Llama Company, Sneakers: FabKids

If you are in love with this swimsuit as much as we are, I recommend following the shop on Instagram and checking out Rockin Llama Company on Etsy.  Use code MYKIDROCKSRLC for $5 off any purchase of $25+.  Rockin Llama Company offers modern grunge inspired fashion for babies and toddlers.  Whether the items are influenced by lyrics, bands or “rock star attitude”, the items featured in Rockin Llama Company are full of personality, just like you and your littles. Most of the items all match each other as well, so putting outfits together is fun and super easy! The clothing is versatile and comfortable, too! Taking your baby from nap time, to preschool, to playdates, in fabrics that are deigned by artists and printed right here in the U.S.

Love the shades or want to add some awesome accessories to your small shop closet?  Visit our shop, iBetterAccessorize.com and use code FALYNN for a sweet discount!


Shades: iBetterAccessorize, Swimsuit: Rockin Llama Company

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