Falynn was over the moon when she received her first Open Sesame subscription box yesterday.  She couldn’t wait to rip it open as soon as it arrived.  Let’s face it… she’s a HUGE fan of her “open ups” and when they have toys, books and other educational items inside, she is one very happy girl.

Open Sesame provides kids and parents with thoughtfully curated toys and educational activities meant to promote discovery, excitement, and cognitive development. Inspired by the research of Harvard psychologist Gerald Lesser, chief adviser to Sesame Street, each box contains activities intended to ignite engagement in a fun and playful way.


I must say, the packaging definitely caught my eye. It’s bright, colorful and perfect for Pre-K kiddos!   As much as we loved the box itself, it wasn’t until Falynn opened it up that  she discovered that the best part of the box was what was included.  A hand selected group of items that are both fun and educational.  Each item keeps your little ones playing, learning and having fun for hours.  It’s a Mother’s dream!


The first item in the box was a plush Cookie Monster.  An absolute favorite in our house, Falynn was thrilled about her new fuzzy friend.  I found her playing with him up until the time she went to bed, when she laid him next to her pillow, covered him with her blanket and kissed him goodnight.  He’s soft and you know that it’s excellent quality when it’s made by a leading company like Gund.


Next, was a small box that peaked her interest immediately.  Falynn is a huge fan of blind boxes.  For those of you that haven’t heard of those, they are little boxes with surprise toys inside.  So if you give her a box (or a bag) and tell her there is a surprise inside…. just stand back and wait for that huge smile (and ear piercing scream)!  This particular little box contained a Cube Bot.  A little wooden toy that unfolded into a robot.  She must have played with him for hours, bending and twisting him into different positions.  She even made sure to save the box, for when it was time for her robot to fold up and go back into his home.


Next, Falynn found a pack of Wikki Stix.  I have to be honest…. we had never heard of them. We weren’t sure what they were or what they did, so Falynn just put them to the side initially.  My very curious, science loving 8 year old couldn’t wait to tear them open and examine them.  I immediately googled them to find out what they were and was super surprised to learn the following from their website…  “they are made of hand-knitting yarn enhanced with a microcrystalline, food-grade non-toxic wax… the kind used in bubble gum and lipstick.  Wikki Stix do not break or tear apart, but cut easily with scissors. They do not contain latex, gluten, nor peanut or other nut oils or byproducts, which makes them an ideal creative activity toy for children with allergies.”  Sounds awesome, right?!  Well, it didn’t take long for the girls to begin creating different shapes with them.  It was something that kept them both occupied and playing nicely together (which is so rare at these ages).


Finally, just when she thought her surprises were finished, she reached down and found a new board book.  Although she can’t read yet, Falynn loves books!  With three kids, we have accumulated quite a collection of books for them… so much so, that we had to install a bookshelf in the girls room (and it still wasn’t big enough to hold them all).  Reading books is so important and I love that my girls love books even more than they love toys.  In the last 24 hours, Falynn has asked us to read her new book to her at least 5 times.


When I asked Falynn how many thumbs up she gives the Open Sesame box, her response was “thirty five and one”…. you may also have the same puzzled look on your face as I did, but apparently, that means she loved it!  The only downside I can see, honestly, is the price.  At $34.99/box it’s a little pricey, in my opinion.  I’d personally love to see it at around $24.99 or with a couple more items inside at it’s current price.

If you want to check out the Open Sesame subscription for yourself, you can save $3 on your first box by using code SMARTSTYLE3!   Check out her unboxing video below and make sure to subscribe to our new YouTube channel to watch Falynn review her new favorite things!

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