When it comes to social media, interaction is EVERYTHING.  Brand repping is all about exposure and if you’re not getting eyes, likes and comments on your posts, you aren’t doing your job as a brand rep.  That’s the bottom line.  It’s not just about the perfect picture, but about the potential customers who view that picture, on your feed.  When it comes to Interaction Groups, there are so many mixed emotions.  Some people love them and swear by them, while others believe they are “fake likes”.   So here are my thoughts on them…

Let’s talk about the dreaded Instagram algorithm.  If you’ve been in the Instagram scene for a while, you remember when your feed was in sequential order and showed you every post from everyone you were following.  Now a days, you are lucky to see 10% of those posts, which means, your posts aren’t getting the same exposure that they used to.

Do you ever wonder how those posts get on the explore page so that non-followers will see it?  I’ve done a lot of research on this subject and it seems that most believe that it’s all about the number of likes, views and comments you have on your posts within the first 24 hours.  The more interaction, the more non-followers will see your posts.  So when you post a picture, you need to get the interaction (views, likes and comments) going almost immediately.  This is why interaction DMs are so important.  As soon as you post, you should be letting everyone in each of your interaction DMs know that you posted and if they’re doing it right, those people should be liking and/or commenting on that post within 24 hours.

Oh wait… what about those people who disappear and only participate once a week?  Well, they aren’t helping to boost your posts at all.  By liking your post days later, it’s doing nothing for you or your exposure.  This is why if you are a part of these groups, you need to participate daily.  If you’re not, you’re doing it wrong.

I recently joined some Telegram groups (after many months of denial) and I absolutely love them.  They give me what I need… interaction within 24 hours.  There are two types of groups… the 24 hour groups, which gives you the opportunity to post a picture as long as you’ve liked/commented on all posts within the last 24 hours and the round groups which have a set time for you to drop your link and give you an hour to like/comment on all those posts from that round.  Both are great. Both have their positives.  And unlike the DMs on Instagram, it’s not limited to 15, there can be as many members as you’d like, so you can be getting over 100 likes in one round within an hour.

Since I’ve joined Telegram, I’ve doubled and even tripled my interaction.  Is it more work? Of course… but I’m finding that I’m getting more relevant followers, more likes outside of my groups and best of all, more shops that are asking us to collab because of our following and interaction.  If you’ve been on the fence about Telegram, I highly recommend trying it out.  If it’s not for you, you can always leave… but what’s the worst that can happen?  You might gain a bunch of likes!

Here are a few of my favorite groups (make sure you’ve downloaded the Telegram App first):

  1. Girl Group Only Likes
  2. Brand Rep/Small Shop/Blogger Likes Only
  3. Brand Rep/Small Shop/Blogger Likes and Comments
  4. 10am, 4pm, 10pm EST Round Group
  5. 9pm, 12am EST Round Group
  6. 8pm, 11pm EST Round Group

Yes, these groups are time consuming…some more so than others, but brand repping requires time.  It’s not just snapping a quick pic and posting.  We should be doing what we can to help our shops to grow and hopefully, eventually, we will all grow so big that it will all just happen organically.  I’m eagerly awaiting that day myself!

Do you participate in interaction DMs?  What are your thoughts on them?  Do you love them or hate them? Comment below and share.  Have a topic you want me to talk about? Email us! Make sure to follow our daily small shop fashion on Instagram @thesmallfashionista and on our new Facebook page.

Featured image: Bow: Stella Bella Co. Tank: Bug + Wink