I’ve been on Twitter for less than a month.  I started the account for our blog, hoping to reach other bloggers and get our messages out to a larger audience.  Of course, like most of the people that tweet, I was hoping that my tweets would get a lot of interaction and maybe even go viral at some point.  But NEVER did I imagine that it would happen like this and because I used the word “praying.”

In between getting our house and family prepared for Hurricane Irma, I sat down to check on the comments received from our latest blog post.  It was one comment on our post that had me intrigued… “Stay strong mama! Prayers with you! AND YES PRAYERS!!!! (I saw the nonsense comments on your Twitter). ?”  What?! The comments on my Twitter?  I have 300 followers and I’m lucky if I get 2 notifications each time I log in daily.  There were people actually commenting on one of my tweets? Sweet!

So I log in to Twitter…. and I see this:



99+ notifications?!  Wow!  That’s impressive.  I’ve never seen that before.  People actually wanted to read what I had to say?  And then I clicked on the notifications and my heart dropped.  It was my post about Hurricane Irma.

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 11.15.23 AM

It had been getting lots of retweets, likes and comments.  Thousands of likes and retweets… Earlier that morning, I had seen on the news that the hurricane had weakened a bit and I quickly posted an image and tweeted, “She’s getting weaker. Keep praying! ”   And people went crazy.  Obviously my positivity and hopeful attitude wasn’t as welcomed as it should have been. It turned into a crazy frenzy of people mocking me because I thought prayer was making the hurricane weaker.   Calling me, the mother of 3, a “dumb ass”, an “f-ing idiot” and many other colorful terms.


And here I am, sitting next to my 11 year old daughter who was (for a brief second), excited that her prayers were being answered, watching her facial expression turn to confusion.   In that instant, my heart broke.  Let me make something clear… we are NOT sitting in our home, unprepared, praying the hurricane away.  We are prepared as are our local family and friends. Our house is shuttered, we are not in an evacuation zone, we have plenty of food and water and we’ve secured all things outside as well as helped shutter up multiple neighbors homes… AND we are praying.  We are not “Jesus fanatics”.  In fact, I’m Jewish, my husband is Christian and we are praying because it gives us and our family a sense of hope.  So for these ridiculous people who thought that bashing my beliefs on Twitter was going to stop us from staying positive in the path of this massive hurricane, I am sorry to tell you that you haven’t swayed our faith at all.  You never will.  I will continue to teach my children to follow their faith, their beliefs and ALWAYS stay positive, no matter what. Like I told my daughters, everyone is allowed to believe in what they believe in but no one should ever tell you that your beliefs are wrong because they are yours.

I’m sorry that you are all so angry and negative.  For those that sent us positive messages and prayers, I thank you.  With hours away before we see any of the effects of Hurricane Irma, we are hopeful that we will not get the worst part of the storm.  I will continue to spend my time taking care of my family and making sure they aren’t scared.   I will continue to spread messages of positivity because that’s what we all need at a time like this.

If you are in Irma’s path, you will be in our prayers, whether you think they will help you or not.  When the storm passes, my husband and I will be the first ones outside, helping a hand to any neighbors in need.  We will remain the kind-hearted, positive people we are, regardless of those social media trolls who have nothing better to do than try to bring others down.    Stay safe, but most of all, stay positive.