What if I told you that you could boost your interaction using Telegram WITHOUT spending all day liking other people’s posts?! Read on my friend, read on.

As you may have read, I am a huge Telegram fan and have seen my engagement on Instagram skyrocket because of it. BUT… up until today, I had been spending SO much time participating in these Telegram groups and even had my 12 year old liking pics for me (which she totally rolls her eyes at when I ask her to do now) and I found myself getting behind on life because I had to like pics within the hour and catch up on these 24 hour groups before I could post my own pic.  Today my mind was totally blown when I found out about Like It All.  Seriously mind blown.

Before you ask, NO, it’s not a bot and is not a 3rd party, so it’s not against Instagram’s terms (YAY!).  Ok, so here’s how it works… Using your own computer, this awesome Chrome extension will do all of the clicking for you. As they say on their site, get ready to sit back, relax and avoid the stress of having to click each link yourself.  LikeItAll will do it all for you. Did you read that?! It does it all for you.  Go ahead… I’ll wait for you to do a dance around your house. Bonus points if you video it and post it on your IG stories and tag me (lol).

It was CRAZY easy to install.  Just go to Like It All and sign up.  It’s only $10 for a license (best $10 I’ve ever spent).  That’s not per month, that’s just $10, a one time fee.  Then they will send you an email with a key code and instructions on how to install on Chrome (yes, it only works with Google Chrome right now).  I should also mention that this is not a mobile app, this is for your desktop. It’s literally liking pictures for me RIGHT now in the background while I write this post on my laptop.  It’s like having an assistant to do all of the likes for me and best of all, I don’t have to worry about them quitting, forgetting or asking for a raise.  It’s just $10. That’s it. Ever.

So you might be wondering how you know that it’s working… well, there are two options… Auto or Semi Mode.  With Auto Mode, once the extension is installed, just open up Facebook or Telegram (yes, it even works with FB!). Watch as it highlights all the Instagram links it finds in yellow. It will then begin liking those Instagram posts automatically. Each time Likeitall processes a link it will turn it green. You can watch LikeItAll live while it works or let it work for you in the background (which if you’re as busy as I am, you will LOVE). With Semi Mode, you can to control which Instagram posts you wish to like.  This takes a little more time but will cut your time in half as you choose which to like and Likeitall will like it for you. Here is a little video I put together so you can see it in action.

There is a downside…. the downside is that I didn’t find out about Likeitall sooner! I want my time back!!  This is a GAME CHANGER ladies and gentlemen… a serious game changer.  I now have more time to do actual work, spend with my kiddos and not have my face in my phone all day long.  I just had to spread the word so that you can start asap and get your days back. Here’s to boosting your engagement!

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