People tend to have their own style and it’s been really fun watching Falynn develop hers.  If I could give her style a name, I’d say it’s “Edgy with a Dash of Girly.”

In August of 2016, I was on Facebook and I was scrolling through my newsfeed, when this picture popped up that completely blew me away.  My friend Megan had posted a picture of her little boy in the most incredible graffiti leggings.  Love at first sight! I couldn’t buy them fast enough. I’m serious.  I raced over to the shop, Little Harts and Arrows, placed my order and it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.   It was the first of many  orders placed because not only were they gorgeous, but the quality was phenomenal.


Hat and Bracelet: iBetterAccessorize, Crop: 9 Twenty Five Kids, Harem Pants: Little Harts and Arrows, Boots: Dr. Martens

I believe we have 13 pieces from Little Harts and Arrows currently, including these AH-MAZING Plum Rose/Gettin Mouthy Harems.  One of the things I love is that everything from this shop is unique.  You will not find anything like these in any store.  Not only are the beautiful but they are incredibly soft.  When you are dressing a 4 year old, comfort is everything or they will want to rip it off before long.  Let’s face it, most toddlers prefer to run around the house with nothing on… but when clothing is so soft, they don’t even realize they are wearing clothing, it’s a win win! There have been times when I’ve put on someone else’s items and Falynn specifically asks me for Little Harts and Arrows. They are THAT comfy!

Another plus is that they have an elastic waistband which means I can order a size larger and they will fit her for a while.   Because who wants to invest in clothing that they are going to outgrow in a month, right?!

Now let’s talk about turn around time.  For a lot of handmade shops, turn around time is a killer.  If a shop is super popular, it could be 8 weeks before you get your order.  Little Harts and Arrows runs at around 2 weeks, which is perfect.  Occasionally, items are ready to ship and those ship even faster.

Customer service is another factor that keeps me shopping in a particular shop.  Janelle, the owner, is one of the sweetest and most real people I’ve met through the small shop community.  The more I get to know her, the more I really like her as a person.  She loves her brand rep team, she loves her customers and she’s so humbled by the love and support that is shown to her and her shop. I just love her.

Please take the time and check out Little Harts and Arrows and follow her on Instagram.  You will fall in love with her clothing the way so many have!  By the way, tonight there is a huge romper drop that you don’t want to miss!  Use code FANFRIENDS to save! Make sure to mention @thesmallfashionista during checkout!