Headband: Mimi Makes, Outfit: Hive Vibes, Gladiator Sandals: Baby Charming Charley

Upcycling is something that I started hearing about 6 or so years ago.  I went to Cali for an Emmy’s gifting suite and met this girl who was writing a blog about upcycled fashion. She told us that she would go to the thrift store, spend less than $10 and create an outfit that could sell for hundreds of dollars. I was completely fascinated by the idea.  Imagine taking a piece of clothing (or sometimes even a tablecloth or curtains) and turning it into something fabulous and one of a kind?!

About a year ago, I was introduced to Hive Vibes on Instagram.  Upcycled clothing and more!  My love for the idea instantly rushed back to me and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of the pieces.  Breanna, the owner and designer has an RTS page and each week, she posts her new creations.  The first person to comment gets that item.  I marked my calendar and was ready to buy.  No one told me that I was not alone. There were so many others and it seemed they were all MUCH faster than me in commenting.  I remember the first two sales I didn’t get anything and I was so bummed.


Flower Crown: Ava’s Flower Crowns, Halter Dress: Hive Vibes, Purse: iBetterAccessorize Gladiator Sandals: Baby Charming Charley

I reached out to a couple of friends who were currently on her team and asked for advice.  Do I need to do finger exercises to get faster?  Do I need to invest in some faster Wifi?  Like…  how in the world do I snag one of these amazing pieces?  I remember getting that first item. It wasn’t because I was faster than everyone else, but because the person that commented before me had decided to pass for whatever reason. I did such a happy dance.  And from the moment that first item arrived, I was HOOKED!  I’m including some of the incredible pieces we’ve gotten from Hive Vibes so you can see my obsession.


Bunny Ears: Lulu and Mila, Romper: Hive Vibes

You all know I love shopping small not only because you are supporting a very hardworking parent, but also because you can’t find these beautiful handmade pieces anywhere in the stores.  Now imagine having a piece of clothing that NO ONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD has because it’s one of a kind AND created from upcycled materials. Sounds dreamy doesn’t it?  And I’m shocked to know that so many people still haven’t discovered Hive Vibes.  While part of me wants to keep this little gem a secret so I’m not competing for pieces, I also want to shout to the world how much I love Breanna and her shop.


Flower Crown: Ava’s Flower Crowns, Dress: Hive Vibes, Jewelry: Lina and Linor

My grandma passed away in the end of July last year and I was completely heartbroken.  My cousin had given me a bag full of her clothes. We knew we wanted to try to have something made from them but I had no idea where to look, or what to do with them. I also didn’t want to just send these precious shirts to a stranger because if they were lost, we would never get them back.  I contacted Breanna and we came up with the throw pillow cover idea.  A couple of weeks later, I had these gorgeous pillow covers in my hands.  You can imagine the emotions that went with that package.  Imagine having a pillow to look at, hold and remember the most special person in the world.  Each of my girls received one and I sent one to my Aunt and one to my Cousin.  It’s something so special that I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else with.  It’s just another reason that I love Breanna.


Pillow Covers: Hive Vibes

So if you’re ready for something new that’s created from something pre-loved and something that is one of a kind… make sure you follow Hive Vibes Sale page!  I know you will fall in love with Breanna and her beautiful creations just as much as I have.