Have you ever had a friend that you can sit down, tell a story and just laugh hysterically, for hours? When my two youngest get together, they just can’t stop giggling. It’s hilarious and so contagious.  So when I plan a photoshoot  with the two of them, it’s so easy to capture how happy they truly are together. You can see what I mean in this photoshoot we did for Bubba’s Truckers.

When Iyla found out that we were getting two hats from Bubba’s Truckers, she was ecstatic!  While she loves to get dressed up every once and a while, she’s more of a shorts and tee kinda girl.  If she has to choose between a headband and a hat, she’s completely choosing the hat!  So you can imagine when she opened up the package and saw these two hats, she couldn’t wait to try them on.  And when I told her we were going to take pictures, both she and Falynn were over the moon.  The entire photoshoot was almost non-stop laughter. They loved being goofy, trying to kiss each other (which triggered even more laughter) and more than anything, LOVED that their outfits matched!

Let’s talk about these hats!  Adjustable trucker hats for kids? What’s better than that?! The girls love that they can switch and wear the other and that they both go with everything.  They are adorable and really well made!  We’ve gotten a few that had vinyl transfers on them and they just peeled right off. These are not vinyl! They are printed directly onto the hat, which will allow them to last!  I love the designs. They are unique, fashionable and priced really reasonably!

We highly recommend Bubba’s Truckers!  These hats are perfect to keep the sun out of your little one’s eyes.  You’ll need a few for the Summer, for sure!  Oh, and guess what, you can use code FRIENDS15 for a discount! Just let them know that @thesmallfashionista sent you!

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