If you’re reading this then you probably don’t have a money tree growing in the backyard.  When we were searching for a new home, that was the top priority on my list but sadly, the realtor informed me that all of the good money tree houses were already taken.   Boo hoo!

When you are a small shop lover like we are, it can be super expensive (unless my husband is reading this and then I should say that all of Falynn’s small shop clothing was free… wink! wink!)  A small shop t-shirt will run you $25, on average.  A pair of pants can be in the $30-$40 range.  And dresses and rompers?  Yikes!  Those can be $60-$75!  We can just as easily go to Old Navy or Target and pick up 5 or more pieces for the price of one small shop item, but we don’t.  Why?  We love sporting unique threads. We love the quality. We love handmade.  Most of all, we because we love supporting the family behind the shop.


Tee: Little Wonderland Clothing, Pants: Cute Little Babes, Shoes: Zulily

So how do you stay a small shop supporter without going broke?  Here are my secrets:

Look for Sales:  Follow your favorite shops on Instagram and Facebook and check with them on a regular basis. Most will have sales, some even offer up to 50% off occasionally!  Don’t let that sale get away.  You can stock up on your favorite brands at a fraction of the cost.  Don’t forget to take pictures and tag the shops!  It will show the shop what ya got in case you decide to enter their next rep search!

Join VIP Pages: Did you know that lots of small shops have VIP group pages on Facebook?! They will often host giveaways, have contests and offer a special discount code for their VIP customers.  Search for those groups and join, join, join!

Look for B/S/T Groups: Buy, Sell, Trade is the greatest thing ever, in my opinion.  It’s a place for reps to sell their gently used small shop items and a place for other reps to purchase those items at a great discount!  One of my favorites is Insta-Style Baby + Mama BST.  Make sure to join!  The Chaos tank and Tell Me About it Stud tee that Falynn is wearing were purchased in that group.  SO many great finds there!

Follow Closet Pages on Instagram: Find reps that are a size or two bigger than your little one and find out if they have a closet page on Instagram.  You’ll be surprised to find how many do and how many awesome small shop items you can snag from them at a great price!

Look for Rep Share Codes:  Lots of shops offer their reps a share code for their followers. Look out for them on their posts.  Don’t be afraid to read the captions… you can find coupon code treasures inside, plus you will get to know people behind the account a little bit more, which is a huge plus!

Join FB Brand Rep Groups:  Make sure you are joining brand rep community groups on Facebook.  Shop owners will often post their sales, or offer a larger discount in exchange for promotion and/or pictures!  The three that we love are Brand Reppin, Together We Rep and Brand Rep Central (which is actually run by me!).

Enter Brand Team Searches: If you love a shop and can comply with their terms, don’t be afraid to enter their brand team search!   Brand Reps, Enthusiasts and Fans all receive a significant discount in exchange for photos and promotion.

Request Collabs: Collabs are the next best thing to being a brand rep. Some may even argue that it’s even better!  You can collaborate with small shops who are in need of photos or promotion in exchange for free or discounted items.  There is usually no contract involved.  I absolutely love Collaboration Nation on Facebook.  It’s a great place to connect with shops that are looking for collabs.  We’ve made so many great connections through the group.  You can also download the Collabor8 app and sign up as an influencer!  You can request to work with shops you love and set up your profile so shops can connect with you if they like what you’re offering.

Now that you’ve read my secrets, I want to hear yours.  How do you save money while shopping small? Comment below and let us know!

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