There was a time, last year, when I was so grateful for the small shops that created team groups on FB.  It was a place where we could get to know each other as real people and not just an Instagram name.  It was a place where we could ask questions, bond as a team and find out all of the info we needed to be great reps.  And then something happened…

I started getting added to a million FB groups (ok, I may be exaggerating just a little).  VIP groups, Lularoe groups, Younique groups, Lipsense groups… it was something I had to pay attention to daily or I would be in hundreds of groups by now.  I’m a HUGE supporter of all things entrepreneurial, but it has literally taken over my FB newsfeed.  I’m not seeing my friends and families posts anymore… and those awesome team groups I was in?  I was missing pretty much EVERYTHING.  Requests for reposts, new items, special discounts… everything!   Which makes me appear to be an awful brand rep!  Not to mention my favorite brand rep groups (Brand Reppin, Together We Rep, Brand Rep Central, CollaborationNation).  I have to go into them daily if I don’t want to miss anything important.  They don’t just show up in my newsfeed like they used to.

I’m not sure what made Facebook think that it was a good idea to allow anyone on your friends list to add you to all of their groups without your permission, but it’s something that they need to revisit and soon!  If you share your FB business page with your friends, it sends them an invite, it doesn’t just automatically like your page without their permission.  Small Shop VIP groups are awesome and I am the first one to search for one when I discover a new shop on Instagram.  Knowing about new releases first and having access to a special discount code is AMAZING, but only because I chose to join them.

I feel AWFUL because I’m having to leave all of these groups almost as soon as I’m added.  I stay in those for the shops I recognize… pretty much leave anything that is selling makeup or leggings (except for my buddy Monica’s Lipsense group because I may or may not have a small addiction) and I leave those shops that I’ve never really purchased from or feel I probably won’t purchase from in the very near future. I know I can always join them at a later time but it makes me feel like a jerk (especially when people keep trying to add me into the same group over and over again). I just can’t handle the number of groups anymore.  It seriously stresses me out.  The more groups I’m added to, the harder it is to remember the groups I joined myself.

In our shop VIP group, like every other shop owner, I want to increase membership and understand having contests to add friends and all of that… but I would never want anyone to be added or get stuck in my group if they don’t love my shops.  It kind of defeats the whole purpose of having a VIP group.  I want supporters in there so that I can offer them special things 🙂 I think it would be such a great concept if Facebook sent you an invite vs. adding you to the group without your permission.  How can we make that happen?  Hey Facebook… can you hear me?

I can’t be alone here, can I? How do you feel about Facebook groups?  I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment below and let me know!  Have a topic you want me to talk about? Email us! Make sure to follow our daily small shop fashion on Instagram @thesmallfashionista and on our new Facebook page.