Our girls LOVE to read.  We actually had to build a floor to ceiling shelf for them to hold all of their books and they still don’t fit!  It’s a collection that we don’t mind them having and are more than happy to help them to grow both their stacks of books and their love of learning.  I have always loved reading myself and while I didn’t have hundreds of books like my daughters do, there are a few that I still remember loving, even though it was SOOO long ago.  One of those was a personalized book.  It had my name and my friend’s names and was custom made especially for me.  It made me feel so special and it’s a feeling I’ll always remember.

When I was contacted by Your Secret Code, I was over the moon!  I knew that Falynn was going to go crazy when she saw that she had a book with her name in it (and boy was I right!).  When the book arrived, it was so much more than I imagined.  The illustrations are absolutely amazing and the story was awesome! Your Secret Code is about a little girl who loves coding and building robots and is always making messes. She decides to build a robot to do her chores for her. But when she arms it with artificial intelligence, things quickly go out of control – until she saves the day. We barely got it out of the package before she was begging us to read it to her.  And once we were done, she was begging us to read it again.

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I’d have to say that her favorite part of the book was the part that shows her Daddy talking about her messy room.  She looked at me, looked at her Daddy and was shocked.  I think it was at that moment that she realized this book really was about her since Daddy is ALWAYS telling her to clean up.  That was a detail I didn’t even have to share when we ordered the book.  I guess she’s not alone in the mess department!

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Your Secret Code is an innovative children’s book that stars your girl as a tech hero.  As a mother of 3 girls, I don’t think there is anything more important than teaching them that they can do anything that they put their mind to!   According to their website, studies show that children begin to associate jobs to genders between ages 5 and 7, and they base their aspirations on what they are exposed to.  Stereotypes come from everywhere and children’s stories are full of them. Girls, especially female minorities, need more sources of inspiration in order to break down stereotypes. This isn’t just a story about technology. It’s about bravery, problem-solving and leadership: values that are ubiquitous to any fulfilling future. Expose your children to positive role models who will inspire them to become the leaders of their lives.  A strong message wrapped up in a beautiful, personalized book.  It’s the perfect gift for any little girl!

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Now that you know all about it, let me share with you how it works.  You personalize your girl’s name, skin color and hair style, and receive a beautiful hard cover picture book in 2 weeks. The book is recommended for ages 5-9 and retails for $36 including shipping.  Having this book in my hands, I can tell you that it’s worth every penny! Just visit YourSecretCode.com to get started!


Want to see how Falynn reacted when she received her book?

Check out her reaction in our YouTube video:

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