We are beyond excited to announce a new part of our blog… Cooking with Falynn!  We will be coming up with easy, budget friendly meals that your little one can help you cook.  When I asked Falynn what she wanted to cook for her first blog post, it didn’t surprise me that she didn’t hesitate for a second before yelling, TACOS!  Tacos are a definite favorite in our house but we needed to change up our regular recipe to make it a little easier for Falynn to make all by herself.

We started by visiting our local supermarket and I asked Falynn to choose what she wanted to put in her tacos.  With answers like pickles, cucumbers and salami, we decided it was probably best for me to come up with the recipes and for Falynn to put it all together.  In the words of Demigod Maui, you’re welcome.  I hope you enjoy her first dish which she named “Hei Hei Taco Bowls.”




Taco Shells (hard or soft)
Rotisserie Chicken
Haas Avocado
Sea Salt
Guacamole Seasoning Mix
Sour Cream (optional)
Shredded Cheese (optional)
Salsa (optional)


We decided to use the Old El Paso Stand n’ Stuff & Taco Boats.  We find the soft tortilla boats so much easier for little hands and they can also eat it as a salad if they are a little picky (like my oldest).  My girls love to create their own tacos, so they easily stand up on the plate while you fill them. PLUS, they are regularly on sale in our supermarket (buy one, get one free), so we stock up whenever they go on sale!


I didn’t want to have to worry about Falynn having to cook anything, so we picked up a rotisserie chicken which was prepared fresh at our local supermarket deli.  This was the perfect option as I just took the skin off and chopped up the breasts into bite sized pieces.  It was a healthier option than our regular ground beef tacos as well which is a huge plus!


Falynn couldn’t wait to get started.  While she ripped open the box and got the shells out, I prepared by cutting the tomato into quarters for her and preparing the avocado by slicing in half and scooping it out into a bowl.


A couple of years back I bought this little chopper off of an infomercial and the girls love it because they can help me chop veggies easily and more importantly, safely.  With just a push, it chops the tomatoes into little pieces, perfect for tacos! Falynn had a blast chopping tomatoes with it.


Next, she added a few spoonfuls of the chopped tomatoes to the avocado.


We love this Concord Foods Guacamole Mix.  We use about 1/4 of the package each time so it lasts us for a while. It’s really inexpensive and gives the guacamole a great flavor!


Of course, no guacamole is complete without fresh lime juice!  Falynn squeezed her little heart out and got as much lime as she could out before she tried to eat the rest of the lime.  No sour faces here, my girls LOVE limes and lemons! Falynn added just a dash of sea salt, mixed together and the guacamole was ready!


Next it was time to put everything together.  With the taco boat on the plate, she added a couple of spoonfuls of chicken.


Fresh Express shredded lettuce is our go-to for tacos. It’s already shredded and ready to go.  Falynn added a handful of lettuce on top of the chicken.


Next, she added two spoonfuls of chopped tomatoes.  She likes extra tomatoes on hers. Do your kids love tomatoes as much as mine?


Finally, a scoop of guacamole on top for her completed taco. Falynn is not a fan of cheese on her tacos, but for everyone else, we added some shredded cheese on top (and a little bit of sour cream and mild salsa.)


Falynn was so proud of her creation and her Daddy was the first to test it out.  He gave her first dish 2 enthusiastic thumbs up and a “where is my 2nd one?”  Falynn couldn’t believe she created this masterpiece all on her own and I was so proud at the lack of mess she made!  I also love that we were able to feed our family of 5 for only $20!

If you try out this recipe, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Anything you’d add to it or leave out?  Comment below and let us know!  Have a recipe you think Falynn would enjoy making? Email us! Make sure to follow us on Instagram @thesmallfashionista, our Facebook page, our brand new Twitter account and our new YouTube channel!