I’m seeing so many comments from people on social media, begging people in Florida to get out and not put the lives of their family in danger.  They think we are stubborn. They think we are stupid. They think we don’t care about our families.  But the truth of the matter is, we know what we’re doing. Many of us have been through Hurricanes before.  We are preparing ourselves and our home for this massive storm. The worst part about these comments is that they are not making things any easier on us.  We need prayers and positivity, not criticism and added stress.   So to those people, I ask you to please keep your negativity to yourself.


The path of Hurricane Irma keeps changing, but our plans to stay will not.   My husband and I have made the decision to prepare our home for this horrible storm and we are in no way putting our family in any sort of danger by doing so.  We are NOT in an evacuation zone and therefore don’t HAVE TO evacuate.   The thought of packing up our belongings and three kids and getting stuck in traffic for more than 10 hours while possibly running out of gas, sounds much worse to me than staying in our home.  We are carefully watching the track of Hurricane Irma and are doing everything in our power to make sure that our house is secure.  Are we worried? Of course we are!  But adding to our worries does not make you the hero, it makes you a problem.   Spend your time praying, lending a hand and encouraging others and less time questioning those that are choosing to stay.  Please.


We have made a safe room in our home for the girls.  It’s our walk in closet with no windows and plenty of space.  We have a twin sized mattress, games, flash lights, cards and books to keep the girls busy and it’s by far, the safest place in our home for them to stay during the storm.  We are keeping them occupied and keeping their minds off of what is about to happen, but we are also being very honest with them when they ask, so that they aren’t completely shocked when they hear the winds and the rain.  We have plenty of food and water and have packed up all of our important documents and prized possessions to make sure that they are safe.   We will stick together as a family, as scary as it may get and will do everything in our power to protect one another.


In the meantime, we are enjoying the air conditioning that may go out as early as tomorrow, doing a lot of praying, taking the girls out to play and trying to maintain some normalcy before the storm arrives.   We may walk over to the local playground, spend some time on social media or go and grab a coffee but that doesn’t mean we are being reckless or wasting time.  It means we are trying to take our minds off of what may happen in the next day or so.

If you are in the path of Hurricane Irma, please stay safe.  We will check in as often as we can.  We have no plans on letting Irma destroy our spirit.  We love you all and appreciate the prayers.  We will get through this.  I have no doubt.