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A Little About Us

TheSmallFashionista.com was launched in March of 2017 as a place to share our daily small shop fashions and has quickly transformed into a blog read by thousands of Mamas and Daddies, brought together by their love of brands that keep their kids happy, healthy + looking good without causing us to take out a second mortgage on our rarely clean, chaotic but happy homes.

The Small Fashionista focuses on subjects that parents can relate to… parenting, food, fashion, hobbies and even a little travel when our busy lives allow it.  Raising kids while juggling a career and surviving everyday life with the help of very large cups of coffee multiple times a day.

The family behind The Small Fashionista is made up of Heather, Nelson, Lucia (12), Iyla (8) and Falynn (4).  This family of 5 have been brand influencers since May of 2015, providing brands with exposure through social media promotion, photography, videography and outside-of-the-box marketing strategies.  Mom is a degree holding Graphic Designer and Marketing professional, focusing on social media and how it can save brands money while expanding their reach.

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